Now Available: The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord's PrayerThe most famous prayer in the history of the world has enormous meaning when understood through the strength and spiritual acuity of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.  Here in a brief 90 minutes, is everything you need to know about the Lord’s Prayer.

Here are some notable quotes from the app:

‘The Lord’s Prayer’ is a perfect synopsis of our Lord’s instruction on how to pray, and what to pray for. 

…there is nothing more exalted, and more elevating, than this wonderful prayer which the Lord Jesus Christ taught His people.  Let us also remember that He taught it, not that they might just repeat it mechanically for the rest of their lives, but rather that they should say to themselves, ‘Now there are certain things I must always remember when I pray…’

I suggest that if you can say from your heart, whatever your condition, ‘My Father’, in a sense your prayer is already answered. It is just this realization of our relationship to God that we so sadly lack.

The app will be available on all the major platforms for $2.99.

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