Sharing Value – all apps now $1.99 or less

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Shared Value #1 – The Lectionary

While I have attended just about every kind of church there is in my lifetime, I have most appreciated the liturgy of the Anglican church.  I highly recommend following its lectionary, for in a few minutes one can enjoy readings from the psalms, the old testament, the new testament, and the gospel.  It was created hundreds of years ago to enable the “common man” to read the entire bible in 2 -3 years.  If you recall, prior to the Anglican church the bible wasn’t available to be read by the average person!  The ESV app provides it in both written and a narrated format so you can listen on your mobile device, which at times is very convenient.

The Anglicans also give us a formal period to prepare for the coming of Easter called Lent.  40 days where we can remember Christ’s suffering and our own need of a Savior.  In a world devoid of honesty and genuine looks in the mirror, many of us might find it hard to contemplate our inadequacy.  Thankfully, we are forgiven.  Lent helps us to not forget our need to be forgiven.

Shared Value #2 – Studies in the Sermon on the Mount by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

For less than the entire cost of the printed volume, from now thru the end of April, you can download our Apps which provide you the narrated book, the written work, and a host of other features enabling you to share thoughts with friends as well as dig in to the relevant scriptures and hymns he utilizes in his fabulous exegesis.  Please let us know in the review section of the app store what you think!

3 thoughts on “Sharing Value – all apps now $1.99 or less

  1. Looks like you are not planning to update the app. Could you at least just send me mp3 files of the books then? If you don’t reply I might have to report you to BBB, which I really would rather not do.

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