KingfisherAudio & eBooks

Kingfisher was founded in 2011 by Prudence Allen Bentley and King Howington.

King serves as General Manager of the company and is the Director/Producer of the audio version of Studies in the Sermon on the Mount by Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones.  The company is based in Atlanta and does much of its recording in Athens, GA.

Kingfisher’s sound engineer is Matt Joiner.  Matt is an avid guitar player and an expert sound technician.  He is responsible for creating the sound track that is ultimately mastered by John Keane Studios.

Kingfisher’s narrator is Chris Allen.  Chris is a social entrepreneur in Atlanta.

One thought on “KingfisherAudio & eBooks

  1. Hi there,
    I have just downloaded “The Beatitudes” audio book app to my Galaxy S4 but upon opening the app it comes up with a screen that has a button that says “Pause Download” (which does nothing when pressed) and shows 0mb / 0mb with 0% download but does not move to indicated that anything further is being downloaded. Upon downloading the app, the phone showed that it was progressively downloading the whole 190mb and took the expected time to do that.

    Any help that you can give would be most appreciated.


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