Salt & Light: The Function and the Purpose of the Christian in this Life

The Salt & Light “Season” is Chapters 14 – 19 in Studies in the Sermon on the Mount

Total audio length: 174 minutes

In this series of 6 sermons Dr. Lloyd-Jones carefully illuminates the Christian’s relationship to the world in general.  He poses the question “What is to be the relationship of Christian people to society and the world… what are we to do about it, what are we called to do as Christians…?” In other words, “…having realized what we are, we must now go on to consider what we must be….Whether we like it or not, our lives should always be the first thing to speak.” 

As you listen along with the narrator consider exploring the extras tab for access to hymns, verses, biographies, a glossary and word games based on the content unique to this app.

Contents and Audio Length: 6 Chapters – Total Audio: 2 hours 54 minutes

Chapter 14 – Matthew 5:13 The Salt of the Earth 29:13
Chapter 15 – Matthew 5:14 The Light of the World  30:46
Chapter 16 – Matthew 5: 13-16 Let Your Light So Shine 26:46
Chapter 17 – Matthew 5:17,18  Christ and the Old Testament  26:12
Chapter 18 – Matthew 5:17-19 Christ Fullfilling the Law and the            Prophets 30:22
Chapter 19 – Matthew 5: 20 Righteousness Exceeding That of the Scribes and Pharisees  30:58