The Book

Studies in the Sermon on the Mount is a special book.  The book is taken from the hand transcription of 60 sermons preached by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.  It was first published in two volumes.  Volume One (the first 30 sermons and our Parts 1 – 3) was published originally in May, 1959.  Volume Two was released in October, 1960 (Our Parts 4 and 5).  It is remarkable that the text is available at all as the sermons were preached at Westminster Chapel in 1951 and 1952.  The book has been continuously available for over 50 years.

Jones mentions in the original preface that “the two people most responsible for the appearance of the volume in print are Mrs. F. Hutchings who, almost miraculously was able to take down the sermons in shorthand as they were delivered, and my daughter, Elizabeth Catherwood”.  Thank you very much Mrs. Hutchings and Lady Catherwood!

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