The SOM Podcast Seasons

Kingfisher Audio has created 5 “Seasons” with episodes corresponding to SOM Book chapters that provide a listeners an inspirational experience using audio from Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ famous work Studies in the Sermon on the Mount.

Narrated by Chris G. Allen, the work of Dr. Jones explains in detail the meaning and implications of Jesus Christ’s famous Sermon on the Mount delivered over 2000 years ago looking over the Sea of Gallilee.  Dr. Jones’ thoughtful examination was delivered in 60 separate sermons in 1951 and ’52.  Incredibly, it was transcribed as it was delivered, and in 1959 and ’60 was released as a two volume book.  Dr. Jones illuminates our understanding of Jesus’ instruction in five important segments, and thus we provide it in 5 separate “Seasons”.

The Beatitudes: The Essential Nature of the Christian, Chapters 1 – 13, length: 383 minutes

Salt & Light:  The Function and the Purpose of the Christian in this Life, Chapters 14 – 19, length: 174 minutes

The Law: The Relationship of the Christian to the Law of God, Chapters 20 – 30, length: 311 minutes

Fellowship: The True Nature of Fellowship with God, Chapters 31 – 44, length: 429 minutes

Walking: Walking Under the Father’s Eye, Chapters 45 – 60, length: 477 minutes

Each chapter is approximately 30 minutes. Total listening time contained in all 5 Seasons is approximately 30 hours.

The book was first published in 1959, and because of its extraordinary content is still popular today, over 60 years later.  Many, many Christian leaders consider it one of the most important books they have ever read.  Life changing in scope, inspiring and powerful, the work in print consistently garners 5 stars from all types of reviewers.  The definitive analysis of Dr. Jones is here available for the first time in an audible format.

7 thoughts on “The SOM Podcast Seasons

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  2. What happened to the Android apps? I purchased all of them last year, but they are no longer showing up in the Google Play store. I’m currently dreading the death of my current phone due to the fact that I would lose access to these wonderful apps!

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