The Beatitudes

This is an exceptional examination of the Beatitudes and Matthew 5:3-12. First preached in 1951 at Westminster Chapel, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones clarifies the meaning and desires Jesus Christ has for his Kingdom.

Total audio length: 383 minutes 

In this series of 13 sermons Dr. Lloyd-Jones draws us to an extraordinary level of understanding of what it means to be a Christian.  Indeed he makes clear that the Sermon on the Mount is solely for Christians, a model for their behavior and “to expect Christian conduct from a person who is not born again is heresy”.  Additionally, he elucidates in unique fashion the perfectness of the Sermon on the Mount, and reconciles seemingly difficult contradictions that ultimately inspire a greater and deeper faith.  He notes that “The more we live and try to practice this Sermon on the Mount, the more we shall experience blessing.”

9 thoughts on “The Beatitudes

  1. When I pressed the button,and I saw that it was Apple the computer giant.
    They have not given anything to charity at all,and I am not making their shareholder`s richer.
    PC Microsoft have given money to charity.
    I wonder what Jesus would think of this

    • I think Jesus wants you to listen to Dr. Lloyd-Jones and probably not judge organizations by how much they give to charity but by how much salt and light they bring to the world. Without the App store and smart phones we couldn’t afford to distribute audio books like this. Apple gets 30% of revenue as does the Droid market and Windows 8 FYI.

  2. I’m a double recipient of the Holy Spirit’s gifting of Dr. Lloyd-Jones and his Studies on the Sermon on the Mount. Back in the 70’s, a counselor at my church suggested I buy the book and read it. My life was “Poor in Spirit” and I was in “Mourning” over my helpless condition. The book was revolutionary for me and set me on a life long understanding of God and my relationship with Him. Then recently, I heard about the App version, and it turns out, I needed to hear it again, and at the perfect time! Our God is amazing. I suggest that if you desire a relationship with God that is beyond the normal, let the words of Dr. Lloyd-Jones stir you into a deeper understanding of how much God wants to change you. And whether you pay Barnes and Noble or Apple or Google a small percentage…. Who cares? That’s not why you’re getting this study… trust me.

  3. Oh how I wish that this was available to everyone. I understand the need to monetize someone’s work, especially if there’s no other institutional or endowment backing. I don’t know anything about Kingfisher, but I do know about Dr. Lloyd-Jone’s work, and especially his SitSotM. The Sermon on the Mount is the greatest sermon, given by THE ONE who knew how to systematically deliver all of the elements in logical and perfect order. Dr. Lloyd-Jones got it! We need this work to be freely given to anyone. If this means that people like me who can afford to buy the work in order to pay for the initial fledgling efforts, then that’s ok with me. I just hope that there’s enough of us to do so. And I also hope that the owners of the work have the same heart about it that I do. I’m pretty sure that if they are into the work, they are also compelled by the work to make it available to as many as possible. Buying this, to me, is a way to support the potential that may become of it being made available to others. And, of course, buying it, and listening is really ministering to me too. A very small price to pay, even when so many other works are freely available on the Internet. I will for sure, post a comment on the App Store.

    • Thanks Craig – we have done a lot of studying on this and have not found that the price/cost is a deterrent to distribution. Also we have come to believe human nature tends to devalue what is “free”. Our intent is to recover our expenses for creating the app and provide a sustainable engine to support distribution of the content. We are so grateful you have shared your view.

  4. When I clicked to download App Store I got as answer “not available for your region” (Switzerland)
    How can I buy the app then?

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