The Law

The Law comes from Chapters 20 – 30, Matthew 5:21- 48. Having dealt with the essential nature of the Christian, and then the function and purpose of the Christian in this life, here elucidated is the whole question of the relationship of the Christian to the law, both Jesus’ positive exposition and its contrast with the false teaching of the scribes and Pharisees.

Total audio length: 311 minutes

In this series of 11 sermons Dr. Lloyd-Jones carefully identifies 5 key principles of the Law that Jesus wanted to make sure we know and understand.

  1. He (Jesus) is concerned to make clear to them exactly  hat the law has to say.. Our Lord’s chief desire was to show the true meaning and intent of the law, and to correct the erroneous onclusions which had been drawn from it by the Pharisees and scribes and all the false notions which they had founded upon it.”
  2. “Conformity to the law must not be thought of in terms of actions only. Thoughts, motives and desires are equally important. The law of God is concerned as much with what leads to the action  s it is with the action itself.”
  3. “The law must be thought of not only in a negative manner, but also positively.”
  4. “…The purpose of the law as expounded by Christ is not to keep us in a state of obedience to oppressive rules, but to promote the free development of our spiritual character.”
  5. “…The law of God, and all these ethical instructions of the Bible, must never be regarded as an end in themselves.”

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