Walking comes from Chapters 45 – 60, Matthew 7.  “The Christian…should always know that he is walking in the presence of God, and that he is going on to meet God; and that thought should determine and control the whole of his life….we have to remember this fact in every part of our lives; we must remember that every section of our existence must be brought into that relationship.” Chapter 45

Total audio length: 477 minutes

In this concluding series of 16 sermons Dr. Lloyd-Jones makes clear…“It is as if our Lord were saying that the final thing which matters is not what men think of us, but what God thinks of us…..we are reminded all along that our life here is a journey and a pilgrimage, and that it is leading on to a final judgment, an ultimate assessment, and the determination and proclamation of our final and eternal destiny.” Dr. Lloyd-Jones leads us through the toughest issues of Christian life dealing with issues including personal and spiritual judgement, pursuing the narrow way and the straight gate, the Golden Rule, the wise and foolish house builders, and powers of darkness masquerading as angels of light. It is a seriously compelling and thought provoking series. As you listen along with the narrator consider exploring the extras tab of the app for access to hymns, verses, biographies, a glossary and word games based on the content unique to this audio.





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